NSS @GIET:An overview

Our Initiative and a step towards bringing a smile...

The volunteers from all the four years take part in different programs & activities organized by NSS,G.I.E.T. for the upliftment of society. And by doing so they leave an impression mark on educative mass of the society.Inspite of their busy college schedules they have made it a grand success with their willingness & determination. As a result,G.I.E.T. has received various prizes and awards from different quarters.One of the most remarkable achievements is that of the award received from the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Odisha,Shri Naveen Patnaik for donating highest unit of blood on NSS day .

Our young & energetic technocrats are not only learning in a theoretical manners but also applying it in a practical way. The efforts shown by our NSS volunteers to make dustbins to be used in the campus to keep it clean and beautiful is a burning example. There skills are not limited to this only,as they have also prepared a shelter for pigeons,which is very much designed in the shape of the oldest building of G.I.E.T. in an attempt to save ecological balance.


"Tears of a mother cannot save her child,but your blood can."

The shortage of blood units and the loosing lifes cannot be fuffilled by a single attempt.Going through the monthly blood donation camps inside the college premises our August monthly blood donation camp was held on 16th july,2014 at the MBA auditorium. 39 units of blood were donated to Paralakhemundi Blood Bank.Student donors as well as other donors voluntarily donated blood.The camp was successful and the coperation of the volunteers towards the programme was appriciated.This camp filled our heart with immence pleasure and encouragement.

Many lives are saued by donation of Blod units everymonth from our institute.The month of june was also special because we conducted the monthly blood donation camp on 23rd of this month. We are very happy to inform you that this was also a grand successful camp.We collected 32 number of blood units and donated to Red cross blood bank,"Paralakhemundi".This camp filled our heart with immence pleasure and encouragement.


"Plant a tree,and give the next generation air for free."

Keeping the above slogan to be consideration in mind a plantation camp near the rain-water harvesting pond beside central mess inside the campus was organised. Neem trees were planted along the periphery of the pond . Along with this cleaning and putting compost and fertilizers arround the trees which were planted previously was carried out with the coperation of the volunteers under the guidance of programming officers of NSS UNIT,GIET,Gunupur.

"Go green and save the world."Following the slogan and keeping in mind a healthy and Green environment a plantation programme was carried out at the SEVA SAMAJ premises by our girls volunteers. Lemon and banana trees were planted by the volunteers along with the members of the SEVA SAMAJ family.The programme was carried out successfully with the help of the girl volunteers and under the guidance of the programming officers of NSS UNIT,GIET,Gunupur.

"Someone is sitting in the shade today,because someone planted a tree long time ago."A seed planted today is the tree for the future.Above lines were being carried out by our volunteers on 3rd of august,2014 in the SEVA SAMAJ premises. A plantation programme was carried out by planting of hybrid mango trees in the sebasram premises.Student volunteers along with faculty members participated actively in the above programme.The programme was carried out succesfully under NSS UNIT,GIET,Gunupur.


"Cleanness leads to godliness."

As the proverb stands right,cleaning of jagannath temple premises before the world famous car festival(RATHA YATRA) is also most important. We the NSS team of GIET,Gunupur decided to clean the premises of the temple right before the car festival as a sign of contribution to society. Under an active guidance we organised a camp on 22nd june 2014 with the help of active volunteers both boys and girls.Everyone with their presence made this program a grand success.

Planting trees does not show its effect until and unless its proper care is taken for its survival.This words are not only kept in pen and paper but also is followed in every steps by our volunteers. A cleaning of weeds programme was organised at the plantation site near central mess on 29th july,2014.In the above programme unwanted weeds and plants surrounding the planted trees was removed out and fertilizers & compost were put arround them with the help of student volunteers.The programme was conducted successfully under the guidance of programming officer of NSS UNIT,GIET,GUNUPUR.


"Do a good deed,help someone with need."

Saluting these beautiful thought a helping hand was forwarded to the small needy girl children by our girls team. Notebook,Pen,Pencil,Eraser and boxes are distributed among the small girls of the "seva-samaj".It was a pleasure for the volunteers to share some happy momments with them which made an indeliable script on their heart.


"Health is wealth"

Keeping the words of the slogan and health of the people of Chinariguda village for the upcoming rainy season a health awareness programme regarding malaria was carried out. Health related suggestions along with distributionof mosquito coils with match-box were distributed to each home.Demonstration regarding the use of coil and different health suggestion were given by the volunteers.


Auspicious occasion of Car festival 2014 was celebrated with joy.On behalf of the programme a social service of distributing "COLA SQUASH" to the devotees and maitainance of descipline was carried out by our volunteers. In accordance to that our volunteers also helped the mandir commette people in distribution of Prasad.

First-aid service along with ambulance facility was arranged for any emergency. All the arrangements were carried out successfully by 41 student volunteers along with the programming officers of NSS UNIT,GIET,Gunupur.

|| National Service scheme,GIET bags 1st prize for "Voluntary Blood Donation by Technical Institutes in the state" for year 2013 at IDCOL Auditorium by State Blood Transfusion Council, Odisha on the event of National Voluntary Blood Donation Day.|| RECEIVED THE AWARD FOR DONATING THE HIGHEST UNITS OF BLOOD|| Register As a Blood Donor || Give Hope Give Life || "Help Save a Life" || Make another heart beat,Give Blood || 519 Donors on the eve of NSS Day... ||